What came to me today in meditation…


It doesn’t matter *when* you realize your gifts. Don’t worry if you didn’t figure it out in kindergarten. Now is a perfect time.

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Lampo di genio: Words to live by

Originally I thought I would have a weekly post about stuff that inspired me. Something like “I hearby commit that every Wendesday I will post links to other sites and blogs, artwork, quotes, poems, pictures of what I think Antipodes Arthouse will look like one day.” I am realizing that this doesn’t happen for me once per week. It happens completely irregularly. And also I’m into letting go of structure right now. So I will randomly offer “Lampo di genio”. In Italian it means “flashes of genius” or “sudden inspiration”. I love Italy and everything about it and it is half my heritage so I am going with that.

Here is the first.

“Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is.”

- Danielle Laporte (from her amazing book The Fire Starter Sessions)

I am reading this book right now, and I am pretty sure you are going to see a lot of lampo di genio pertaining to this revolutionary. ')}

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