What’s going on here?
Real-time journaling one little idea’s journey from a distant dream to a full-blown reality.

And who are you?
A mama, a wife, a wild woman, a creative visionary, an introvert, a yogi, a foodie, a techie, a lover of the Earth, of nature, of art. I like gazing into the night sky and at rocks on the beach. I like planning for flexibility. I hug trees. Really. I love to travel and to write. I am full of doubt, but have decided to laugh in its face. I enjoy a good juxtaposition.

What are “Antipodes”?
From Mirriam-Webster
plural an·tip·o·des\an-ˈti-pə-ˌdēz\Date: 1549
1. the parts of the earth diametrically opposite —usually used in plural —often used of Australia and New Zealand as contrasted to the western hemisphere.
2. the exact opposite or contrary

What is this place?
I have a little dream. I have had this dream since I was 16 years old. Over the past few decades the dream has change and morphed and changed again, but it was always about one thing. Space. A sacred space. When you walk in the door something gets looser in your joints, you feel part of something larger, you see yourself for all your beauty and strength and you can go out into the world and breed your own brand of goodness. At this very moment this space is virtual. It is right here in me and I am going to do my best to put it out here on this blog. I will share how I got here, what keeps me going, and the story of how this place will come to be. I will share my doubts, my missteps, my fear, because so often we see the end result of someone’s dream and don’t believe we can do it. But they had a journey, too. I am starting to know I can do it, and I want to show you what a total mess it can be. I am fairly certain if I can do it, you can too. Antipodes Arthouse. Peace within the tension. The other side of here. A soul feeding ground. A place to fill up so you can fill another’s cup.

What will you do here, that hasn’t been done before?
Everything because I am bringing my true self and no one has ever before been me.

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