“Baby steps to the elevator…”

I want to articulate how this journey is going for me. That is why I created this blog.

I have been finding things pretty difficult to articulate and being gentle with myself is part of this journey, so I haven’t pressured myself to write here.

What is happening, as I ease off myself, as I mindfully hold my intention for this year to shine my light and not hide it anymore, as I actively use my yoga practice and training to notice, spin, heal, my chakras (especially that 2nd one, is it ever a doozy. Sometimes it literally makes me nauseous.)? What is happening as I work with my financial coach to stand firm in my relationship with currency? What is happening as I work with various self-healing helpers to continue to open myself up?

I feel myself un-budding like so many spring flowers.

Osteopath. Star reader. Therapist. Shamanic Circle. So many more. These are my tools. And I want to tell you more about them.

So. I am going to. At my own pace, which by now you’ve realized is pretty slow.

And here is the full disclosure. These tools, and this part of my journey is a big part of what I have been hiding. Not everyone is going to understand. Not everyone is going to support me. I might lose some friends, or acquaintances who thought that I was someone else (not their fault…I’m the one who has been hiding). It is ok. It is time to shed the need to make everyone happy, or not make even a single wave. Everyone will be better for it, including me.

P.S. The title of this post is from the movie “What about Bob.” I really like that movie.


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