Thirty Seven

Every year around my birthday I write myself a poem to capture the moment and what is in my heart. Since this is a year to let my light shine outward, I am going to write it right here. The idea is that it just pours out of me and doesn’t get edited which is terrifying. But, ain’t that just the point.

Hard work
has new meaning.
Less of the painstaking, backbreaking building of walls
and more learning to use the tide to tear them down.

As the moon-lit, moon-led broth slips under the cracks and pulls
     more of the slab away,
years of carefully collected silt and debris

And in the end I will be so like the unencumbered sea
you won’t be able to look away. ')}

I first came across my explanation jonathan bergmann’s work when I wrote 7 stories from educators about teaching in the flipped classroom last fall