“Creating community in this way, well, it’s what I love to do.”

I realized it, or remembered it, as I was typing it to the Farm Manager of Moraine Farm where we have our CSA. I am volunteering myself to help with the Autumn Open House and the annual gathering of shareholders. Actually, I am sitting here willing that these events happen. That they will exist and be such stunning gatherings that everyone will want to be a part of this community. I ache to be a part of creating it. I want to be part of the magic. I want to be responsible for it.

This was a flash of deep insight for me around what I want to “do” with my life. Is the answer loud and clear? Nope. This desire for community-holding is powerful and that is certainly telling me something, and actions are happening because of it. But things are still pretty fuzzy. If I really love creating community, in this case through gathering souls together and having them share a fabulous evening (preferably with really yummy food and some fabulous music), what does that mean? Should I be an event planner? Not exactly, that is gathering on someone else’s terms. Should I open a restaurant? That seems to be centered more around the good food part. I should do…something else. Something with a space. Right. That’s where I am at with Antipodes Arthouse. This is what it is going to be. That place you are drawn to because when you are there you feel…elevated.

It is so funny how I keep coming to the same answer and I am surprised every time. ')}

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